When Snow is No Longer Fun

Since a week ago, we have been getting a bit of everything, but not a lot of the good weather. Way up here, in the North Coast, we have been diving into winter head on. Even the folks who have lived all their lives here in Terrace are saying that so far, for November, the snow has been unusual, making this year stand out amongst the others. For me, the novelty of seeing so much snow in one place has worn off already, and I do not need  to see any more.

Today while I was at work, I was keeping an eye out on the skies. To be honest, I thought today was going to be your typical November grey kind of day, but as it turned out, it changed every hour. When I first got to work, it was slightly snowing, then turned to rain. I though that was good, and paid no more attention to it until I had to go outside an hour later–it was snowing so thick that I could only see a few metres in front of me. When I got back inside, the snow stopped–and rain was falling. I was glad that I bought some good boots that are water resistant and made for the wet snow, over the weekend.

I went online to see the weather reports, and sure enough, we were back into a Snowfall warnings and Winter Alerts, with estimates of up to twenty centimetres. “An’t that lovely” I sad out loud. Some of the guys who were also watching laughed at that. Even those who are hard-core skiers were a little taken back becuase the snow was too slushy for them to any fun with. Yet the weather changed again–back to more rain, then snow again.

I think it is about time that we have some sunshine. I do not care if it is minus ten coleus, I want the snow and rain to stop. The novelty of seeing the huge piles of snow have worn itself away in my mind. We are not freezing to death, but we are sure soaked to the skin. Oh well, maybe this will be a two-season year, summer and winter only.

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