I Saw My Old Pathfinder On the Road

This was both funny and neat to see; I saw my old vehicle on the highway as I was coming home from work today. The smell of fuel was in the air, and I could see little droplets of fuel hitting the ground behind it, as I followed it into Thorhill from town. The new owner did get it going, not that the old Pathfinder was not running, but they obviously only did a band-aid repair to it, to get it back on the road.

If you remember a while back, I took the Pathfinder off the road becuase of a major fuel line leak that spewed out about a litre of fuel per hour. Driving it meant that you took a huge risk of damaging the place you parked at, or if you created a spark/heat source hot enough, you would have a nice size fire underneath you. I hope they fixed that. But by the smell of it, I do not think so.

The other issue with it when I sold it was rust. Not only did the fuel line rust away, but the frame was about half gone as well. In all honestly, I figure there is at least less than a year before the rear frame falls apart. But, hey, if they can weld all that back up, then I tip my hat to them.

I am happy that they got it drivable again, some what. May they live long and travel lots. Happy trails to the new Pathfinder owner.

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