Putting Up Holiday Lights

I guess it boils down to how much electricity you want to burn away. Like hundreds of other homes this time of year, having holiday lights wrapped around your house goes with heating it, from toasty warm to melting your heat registers off, it is all a matter of perspective when you get the Electric Bill in the post. But for us, setting up the lights, hanging them on stairways, fences and trees, it turns into fun. And when you turn the lights on for first time, there is that sense of awe and wonder–will the fuse blow.

Of course, you want to go for those LEDs that supposedly cost a fraction less then the old style incandescent bulbs did in electricity. Whether that drives people to put on more lights or not, is still up for discussion. The main point for us is that it made us happy, and they look awesome. I think there is a need for more lights too–I can feel that.

So for what took us a mere few minutes to hang, the results seem great and worth it. Now we will see if it was all worth it when the power bill comes in next month. LOL.

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