Taking the Car for a Sunday Drive

Being that it was Sunday, this means it was time for a Sunday drive, so off we went. We drove off for Rosswood, BC on the Kalum Lake Highway, or Nisga’a HWY, AKA HWY 113. Before I started, my intention was to drive to Kalum Lake for some photos, hoping that it was going to be less foggy there, but that was not case, it was just as bad for fog when we pulled up to one of lookout points. So, I kept going, on wards, stopping at the Rosswood General Store instead, where we just parked for a while once we pulled in the driveway. Also, I wanted to test my fuel economy on the car, a 2014 Ford Focus, sort of my second long distance drive since owning the vehicle. 

I like Rosswood because of its sparseness, yet close enough to drive to civilization in less than a hour. I think there are less than hundred people who live there–not much road traffic to say the least, but I could be wrong its population, but confident enough to say I am not far off on the count. The community has its tourist attractions. It has the Rosswood General Store, or the only store in the community. There is also the “Pee Tree,” which is a pipe stuck in a tree along the side of the road which has gravity feed water pouring out of it. The Pee Tree is just before the General Store. And right after that, the Rosswood Highway Cam which points to the General Store. You can click on the link to see what the road conditions are like in Rosswood, and how many people are parked at the General Store. Other than that, you blink, you missed it.

By the way, I estimated that my car burnt about 4.35 litres of fuel on the round trip from Terrace to Rosswood and back. This is according to the trip indicator on the LED screen above the steering wheel. For being about halfway through the month, I am now down to half a tank in the car, so I still have plenty of fuel for the rest of the month. So if I just travelled to and from work and into town for shopping, I could easily go five to six weeks between fill-ups.

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