The Weekend of Cinemas at the Local Moving Pictures Theatre

What better place to take your best friend, than anywhere else on a cold Friday night, but the Show Hall. Yes, we planned it all out: skip the obvious Block Buster film for the next best one, on opening night, then when we do see it, it will not be as packed full of people when we do finally see it. The result was too funny. I still laugh about it–it was so cool.

OK, the plan. Me and Suz., decided to see the movie Ferdinand first on Friday, when both StarWars VIII and Ferdinand opened last night. It was simple, see Ferdinand first, this way we would not get caught up in the crowds of people waiting to StarWars on its opening night. It work, well beyond our expectations.

So, Friday night, off we went down to the Tillicum Twin Theatres in Terrace, BC and waited in line to get in–it was all StarWars Fans waiting. Yes, there was a line up to get in, and this does not happen to often for a movie around here. So we waited in line. I think the ticket guy was a little spooked when we said, “Two for Ferdinand, please.” Yes, there was that look of surprise on his face. So off we went into the smaller theatre to grab our seats. We had no troubles finding the choice seats that we like, right in the middle, centre, of the theatre. It was just too easy getting these seats. In fact, when we looked around after the film had started, we were the only two people in the room! We saw the movie, just the two of us. The usher came to us, asked if everything is alright, and then said, “you will enjoy it–it’s a great movie.” We did, it was great.

It is now Saturday night, and Suz., just dropped me off at my apartment from seeing StarWars. As planed, the theatre was not as packed as it was on Friday, so this was a great time to see it today. We had no trouble setting good seats for tonight’s showing–a plan well executed I will say.

I will not give out any spoilers for either films, other than to say, see them both. They are great movies in their own right. Also, I am glad that people are still going to the movies, rather than sitting at home watch them on their 75″ Plasma 4K screens. Going to the shows is a great excuse to get out. Bring your partner too for a great experience, and to share those moments with too. It is worth it.

Off to bed, so I can start the second day of this action packed weekend. Yawn.

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