Why the Fire Trucks Make Noise In Thornhill, BC

So yesterday I was cooking my dinner, a little later becuase I had some side jobs (chores) to do, and all of a sudden I hear this rumbling sound. It was getting louder and louder, then I could make out the music. Well, I thought it was neighbour a couple of doors down cranking up his home theatre system. I was just ready to fly out the door, and pound on his door, when I heard horns and sirens blasting, then seasonal music over top. It was the Thornhill Fire Department, doing their Food Donations drive.

Here is what got me. On Sunday, I was at my girl friend’s parent’s place, taking part in the Sunday Dinner they have every weekend, and they told me about the Thirnhill Fire Department’s annual Food Drive. So I assumed that this was it, the fire trucks would drive around Thornhill, and it was a one night event. Wrong. It turns out, they have a couple of routes they follow, making sure they do not leave any area out, and it spans a few nights to accommodate that large area they have to drive. Makes sense. But I was not prepared for it while I was in my apartment ready to read a book, last night.

The Thornhill Fire Department decorates their trucks with lights and air blown figures. They also put a rather loud public address system on their lead truck that blasts out seasonal friendly music. They drive through each street, like a small parade, and they have several trucks in their line-up, with some smaller trucks at the end that collect the donations from the residents who live on the streets they drive up. So when you see them drive by, you stand at the end of the driveway, with your donation, and they come a collect it from you. I am not sure the history of it, but a lot people in Thornhill seem to be quite knowledgeable about it, and did not mind.

The photo above was on Old Lakesle Lake Road near Clark Street. Suzette suggested that I bring my camera; I was glad she did, I got some nice shots. They drove by my place, going down River Road, yesterday.

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