Happy Winter Solstice and First Day of Winter

As usual, I take out my camera and shoot a bunch of photos during the day, becuase it is the shortest day of the year. Plus, when you move further North, the daylight becomes even more precious on winter Solstice becuase you lose even more hours of sunlight than from my old place in the Fraser Valley. Yes, the Sun sit very low in the sky way up here. If you blink, the day is half over–it is that fast. Regrettably, I wanted to get some shots of the setting Sun; the mountains glow a bright pink, while the lower hills reflect the blue from the sky. My time was taken up from work, so what time I could afford, was short.

The promise of growing days is now upon us. This marks a very special time, one of hope, and soon to be warmer weather ahead, as the days grow by a few minutes per day. For now, there is the longest night of the year, and with it, today comes a very clear night to watch the stars. And up here, light pollution is actually very low, so seeing those stars in their natural wonder with be awesome. I am sure it will feel like you can reach out touch the stars in the sky, as they should be that bright.

So Happy Solstice, and first of winter!

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