A Nice Day for Drive

Another awesome day, minus the cold. Suzette wanted to head up town, so we went in her vehicle. I had the camera in hand, and a small list of shopping that I wanted, so it was perfect. During our time in town I met with an old friend from my younger days went I last lived in Terrace, and then we spent the last light driving up to Rosswood, BC. I wanted to get some mountain shots, as the Sun was setting, but there were some clouds, so it did not go as planned. I got some shots anyway.

The above photo is taken along Curtis Road, in Rosswood, BC, about 2km past the Rosswood General Store. Back in the day, this is where you lived if you wanted to go off the grid, yet you were able to commute into town for work. The grid caught up a few years, and so have the hippies. LOL

Meeting old friends can be a awesome experience, especially if you have not seen them for a very long time. Flip-side to that is change, and with change means someone has passed on, so you will meet them again. I had one such meeting like that in the old mall. I had known about my friend from high school, and his struggle with a disease that eventuality robbed him of his life far to early. So talking to his younger sister was all to unreal. She was awesome too talk to in her own right becuase she knows about half of the people I grew up with. But the one thing we cannot stop is time, and with it, attrition of friends from the old neighbourhood. Since my departure from high school, and a brief stint back in the early ’90s, more names have been added to that list of friends who we have lost. But there was a extremely bright side to all of this: some have multiple like rabbits before they left their mortal lives on this planet. My friends maybe gone, but their children live on.

As for Rosswood, the place looked awesome in the snowy landscape. Even on the coldest day of the year, there is plenty to see and photograph. They had some fresh snow, so the trees looked like someone sprinkled icing sugar on them, and with the cold, the snow is here to stay until the thaw. There was no wind, just calm and silence. It is an eerie feeling if you are not use to it.

As for my place, the wind was horrible. More hissing and rumbling, as the wind kept on with its relentless fury. Lower Thornhill, the land of the wind.

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