Some Say It Is Cold, While Some Say It is Not: You Choose

Our week long deep-freeze is still with us, and although I seem to be coping with it, there are some who are not. I can only imagine what the homeless are going through around here, let along the low income households that can barely afford the extra heating bills. Fortunately, there are the homes with wood stoves, fireplaces and wood-pellet stoves, that you can see their chimneys puffing out silver smoke that run along the skyline, and down the valley here. Either way, people seems to be dealing with it. But no doubt it is cold.

My car seems to be handling the -15C temperatures with no troubles. Each morning, it starts right away, and driving on the icy roads, it handles it with not a care in the world. Having good tires, and making sure it is properly winterized, seems to be the way to go, living up here. I thought having a small car was going to be nothing but trouble for me, living way up here on the North Coast of British Columbia, but the car surprises me every day. Tomorrow should be a low of -15C again, and I am fully confident that car will start without a block heater in it.

My work was another matter, as the cold gave me some troubles. I had to move some heavy reels of wire around, and they were frozen to the ground. I tried using some pry bars to force them loose, but they were stuck good. So out came the forklift, on to the ice and snow, to move them. I had to put the chains on the tires to get traction on the ice. Even the forklift struggled to get the reels loose without breaking them apart. I am glad that the forklift has a closed in cab; at least I was toasty warm while drive it.

Now that the days are getting longer, I feel great knowing that very soon we will have our mild weather back. With the clear nights, the sunrises and sunsets have been nothing but totally awesome. Even the stars shine extra bright in the evening sky. All we need now are some Northern Lights to add that extra bit of winter bonus I so crave on a Moonless night.

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