Let There Be Warmth

Now that we are back to “normal,” as in were I live is back above the freezing mark, and it is liquid water instead of that solid type you have to shovel, falling from the sky. Life is good once again. It appears that the deep-freeze we were in is now gone. We sat in the midst of an arctic out flow weather system for over two weeks, which gave us well below freezing temperature, and in some cases we went as low as minus twenty for a bit, but all it good again as the weather patterns seem to be back to normal again.

The weather changed around Thursday, so this is “day number two” with our day-time highs above the freezing. It is a nice change, but during our cold spell, the days were filled with sunshine and clear nights, so I will miss that. But equally so, I do not have to warm up the car for ten minutes any more. Now we are getting rain with lots of overcast sky, highs of five to seven Celsius. At least we do not have shovel it.

The weather prognosticators say we might be back into what appears to be more arctic weather come next Tuesday, as the freezing weather system creeps back in, but so far their numbers jump around a lot from day to day. The bright side, the next weather system will not be a cold as the last arctic front was. I am, for now, happy that double digit lows are not in the forecast. Being that climate change has presented us with extreme weather, anything is possible, and it would not surprise me, if we end up getting a cyclone or two before March rolls around. Either way, this is my first North Coast winter in over twenty years, and I am dealing with it nicely.

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