Yet Another Dump of Snow

Yup, it was on the news that another dump of now was upon us, up here in the North Coast. And sure enough, it came to past. The white fluffy flakes came from the skies, like ashes from a bonfire, the land was covered on mere moments. When I awoke, the chaos was well underway. It was digging time!

This storm is going to be the first in a series of weather systems that are going to hit us over the next few days. Sadly, this might be a taste of what is to come.

The cool part about getting back into my driveway, from after work, was that some of my neighbours went out help me shovel the last car length of snow after I got stuck. I was getting worried when I was at work watching the snow fall. They said that there was no mail either at the apartments. I guess we wait until the driveway is cleared. Calling the landlord now. On the news, they said that almost 30cm of snow has fallen.

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