The Day After the Five Dumps

As the title of the post says, since my last post, we have had about five storm systems move over us since January 29, and finally today, we are getting some rest. Yesterday, the storm left us with 48cm of snow up at the Terrace Airport, so that is 48cm in 24 hours. Before that we were averaging about 20cm per storm. My little car has managed to get through it all, with only getting stuck this morning, twice. Overall, I am glad to finally have a nice day, and we hit plus  1C too.

The snow storms from last week were brutal also. Each system bringing with it anywhere from 5 to 20cm of snow. But the worse part of it, we hovered around minus 11 to minus 8C throughout it all.  Being that I start work very early in the morning, there were some trips where snow removal was not started yet, so driving through snow banks was my nail biting experience getting to work. However, I still say Terrace, British Columbia has some of the best snow removal on the coast. Highway 16, was always awesome to drive on.

I wanted to get a video of today’s drive home from town, but my camera mount for my dashcam broke. I guess I will do it again tomorrow, if I can get this thing fixed.

My DDR3 RAM is coming from Ontario. I was hoping that it would arrive from Vancouver, but they seem to be fresh out. So, my PC sits broken until I get it. The wait time is around February 13. The reason why I need it is because of the hard drive. All my photos are on it, but I do have back ups, but the hard drive has them nice and organized. Also, my PC will be many times faster than this lap top that I am working now.

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