Cold/flu, Broken PC and Snow Storms, What is Next?

Actually, I am doing not too bad, when I compare my life from just last year when I was living in Southern British Columbia, catching a cold today is nothing. But yes, I have the local flu that is going around, and my RAM has still not arrived, and these last two days of sunshine are awesome, but come with night time temperatures of -17c. So, I am dealing with the flu a lot better then I was this last year, but not having a my PC working has been hard to deal with.

The flu hit me back on Thursday, and hit its peak on Friday. I whole heartedly attribute me catching the flu from being stressed, and from lack of sleep. Most of the last two weeks Terrace was getting hit with a bunch of storms that brought with them, anywhere from 10cm to 48cm per dump, and so where I work, the demand to deal with keeping the workers supplied and stocked with parts, meant that I have to be there at all hours. So you can only imaging with a little car, driving through 30cm of snow, what is was like. I did get stuck, but thankfully I carry a snow shovel with me, so I never had to call a tow truck. The road clearing crews here, I must say, are awesome. Without them, the town would grind to a halt.

My RAM will be here on Tuesday, though actually it is in town. Sadly, Monday is a BC holiday, and I have to work it. Apparently, this is a BC Stat Holiday, and as such, Employers can chose to contract its workers out of it, and make it a regular working day, such as for Federal workers. So, oddly, Canada Post will not be delivering the mail on that day, so my RAM sits in Terrace, for an extra day. I do not care about the holiday, but I do care about getting that RAM.

Funny, after dealing with 48cm snow in one day, the next storm will bring with it another 10cm, and that does not seem anywhere outrageous. In fact, outside, it is minus nine, and that seems nice when comparing it to last week. Also, the Sun is noticeably staying in the sky longer. The morning rays just started to reach my driveway now this morning, so this is a great sign, before today, the sunlight would completely miss my building until noon. Spring is just over five weeks away!

Time to go. Need to drain out my nose. Personal Blog Out. 


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