A Winter Trip to Rosswood, BC

Since the weather was nice, or not snowing on us to death, Me and Suz., took a trip out to Rosswood, BC in my car. The roads were in great condition, albeit if you did not have winter tires on, you were stuck, but I do, and traveling is awesome on the snow and ice with them on. I took my time, just to be on safe side, and we made it there and back without any worries. And as per usual, we stopped at the General Store, then drove around Curtis Road, then headed back to Terrace.

We did notice one thing as we were getting closer to Rosswood; the snow seemed less there then what we have in Terrace. But still, we have to much of it no matter where we were on the North Coast. At least they have good road clearing too.

Suz., was telling me that this year is a little bit unusual in the fact that normally when it snows, like it did a few weeks ago, it usually warms right up again, melting it away. This year, the cold snaps seem to time perfectly with each snow storm, falling it and leaving the snow to linger. This is why there is so much of it on the grown. They say (the weather forecasters) that we have another week of cold Arctic Air pushing down from the North, and hopefully after that it will warm up again. But I must say, I cannot complain as I feel the weather is not that bad–better than rain with dampness all the time.

It was a great trip. A great day for a Sunday drive.

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