The Warm-up Begins

Great news, Terrace seems to have unlocked itself from the deep-freeze it was held under the last three to four weeks. It was raining today with a high temperature of 5C! Welcomed news if you like things a bit warmer. But to tell you the truth, the cold did not bother me that much; it was the snow adding up each time a storm rolled in. Even today, two weeks after the last big dump of snow, we still have about 40cm of it laying on the ground. Sure, the roads were kept in great shape, but if you like hiking, well, then there was none of that to do unless you can snow shoe yourself around the valley. I do not own a pair of snow shoes.

Like magic, or living in another world, the warm air mixed in with gentle rain, filled my nostrils. No more use for a toque and a pair of gloves, being outside took on a whole new emotional state. Doors and locks seem to work effortlessly. Walking without the need for cleats is now possible as the ice begins to melt away from the walkways. Though I should point out that only half the sidewalks are cleared of snow. There just seems to be too much of it for Snow Removal after clearing the roads for the motoring public. However, the nice sounds of dripping water from the roof/gutters was enough to put a smile on my face.

In general I see that most everyone in my social circle seems to be happier, or more radiant, aside from the cold and sniffles that have developed from the extra long cold snap. Sure, the sunshine during the cold weather was nice, but having warmer air to breath and moister with it, I think makes people better. As the Law of Nature goes, you take what Mother Nature dishes out…. (praise nature), you will take it, and you will like it, no matter what it is. Remember, spring is twenty five days away!

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