As the Piles of Snow Get Smaller

Another great morning in Thornhill. Hovering around 3C this morning, the light dusting of snow we had last night is all gone, and it appears that the day is promising to be even warmer than yesterday possibly reaching 5C. All good news. I even took a walk, just to get out of the apartment, and of course I brought my camera. I walked about three kilometers, more or less, around the Northern part of Lower Thornhill. I needed to get out and stretch my legs.

About 8:00am I got to Highway #16 and Clark Street, when I took this photo during my little walk. You can still see the huge snow banks left over from the five back-to-back snow storms from earlier this month. The air was warmer (well anything is warmer that minus fifteen) but still should have brought a hat or tuque/block heater. The wind was blowing from the South, but still has a chill to it. 

Last night on the news, I heard that the Lower Mainland (Vancouver) was suffering with their little snow storm. I could not feel sorry for them having gone through a North Coast winter. Here, snow tires are the law if you want to commute between Thornhill and Terrace, BC, as you have to cross on the Highway. To enter on the highway, mandatory snow tires are required between October and April. The Lower Mainland should have those same laws in place, even if they only get a day of winter.

On my way home, I took this photo of the snow banks across the highway. I am being a little cheeky here becuase these were the larger snow banks. This is looking East on Frontage Road, looking at my old high school on the other side of the highway. These snow banks are nearly two metres deep!

I guess I should start spelling tuque/touque/toque as “block heater” like the locals do. LOL The Spelling Nazis just swarmed upon me with a vengeance!

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