Saving Time On Top of Bad Hair Day

First, Daylight Savings Time sucks. Enough said. Second, having bad hair also sucks. However, today is full of awesomeness becuase spring has come. What can I say. The warmer weather kind of trumps bad hair day, by a long shot, but not having to loose an hour of my time just so someone else happy so they can enjoy more productivity from their workers–just stupid.

I must be getting cranky in my old age. But I do like my routines: getting up at a set time, then going to sleep when it is bed time. Now, having to jump around with changing time, is, in my opinion, just impractical. I have said this countless times on my Weblog in the past, “just leave time alone,” Government. Just leave it alone.

Anyway, I thought I would call today a day of bad hair. Yes, right now, as I sit and type these words to you, I have a bad case of bad hair. I washes it, combed it, and brushed it again, but to no avail, my hair does not want to look well groomed. So I am leaving it. However, I have a theory as to why I am having so much trouble with my hair. I think it is all becuase of the warmer weather we are getting here. My house is heated with electric heat, so it is very dry inside, yet outside, it is very humid. So going back and forth, from inside to out, my hair is protesting. I should point out that I have very short hair, so there is hardly any weight to keep it down. So, I have a lot of areas on my head that has hair randomly pointing in any direction other than where I want it to. All I can do is just keep wetting it down.

Perhaps it is “Hat Day,” today?

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