Yearning for Summer Already

Forget spring, let us talk about summer. With all of this sunshine and warm weather over the last few days, we are being teased, then left in denial when the nights go back to freezing again. The last week has been repeating itself like this with just one rainy day that left us with just a sprinkle on the ground. The days are growing longer by leaps and bounds, and rumour has it, next spring starts–no word of a lie.

Me being the selfish person who lived in the Lower Mainland for nearly thirty years, seeing all this sunshine after what seems the longest winter, but normal for the North, I crave summer now. I am getting excited that I soon, I can walk outside in a Tshirt and wearing running shoes, and then finally ditching the toque. Yeah, I do not mind if Climate Change brings a little heat up here sooner than later, but that is just me. I have so many plans for the upcoming summer.

But first things first, we need to worry about spring. In my youth, living here, I remember that spring is very wet here, and with that, there is this thing called the “Spring Run-Off.” But with all the weather fluctuations since then, I fear that we may never have a consistent, predictable spring, again. Oh, winter will be with us, but the quality of spring and summer maybe put into doubt.

Regardless, this entire year has been a whole new experience for me. As the anniversary date draws nearer, the first day of summer (since I first moved here), every day in the Skeena Valley has been chalked with new experiences. Seeing the snow was an awe inspiring moment that lasted one night until I had to drive in it. Thankfully, snow tires work like a hot damn. The wind, which is normal here, but never reaches the point where the trees get blown over, and the power goes out, and then the rain, which can last several weeks at a time. As long as I do not have to shovel it, I am happy.

The above photo is the bushes behind my old place in Langley, BC, back in August of 2013. That was a very hot summer, as I remember it. Maybe we will have that type of summer up here? Who knows. I am sure the Forest Fire people would not want it, but I think the flowers would.

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