The Sunday Drive Over the Bench Over Looking at Terrace BC

It seems to me that this post is more a photo post than just me spewing out a bunch stuff on how wonderful the day was as me and Suz., drove around for the sheer enjoyment of it. So I will cut to the chase and get on with the photos. For the record, I love this spot, at the top of hill on Kalum Street, over looking the town. It is a great spot to sit and watch the world below.

The above image is your typical 50mm shot over looking down town Terrace, BC, looking South. I have hundreds of these shot from this vantage point, but what sets this out from the others, this is what the tail end of winter looks like here. The image should give an idea of how awesome the day was too. It was fairly warm for this time of year, around 12C, with no wind. When the sunlight hit you, you felt it. Yes, spring is just a couples of days from now–I can tease it.

I really this shot, above, becuase it is so dynamic, and the light is interesting the way the clouds block most of it, except for directly over top, and then reflects throughout the rest of the valley.  This shot is taken from the same spot as the others, but looking South West towards the valley called White-Bottom, past Old Remo. Sadly we never stuck around for the sunset–that would have been unreal.

And just to get you into the spring mood, this was in the planter on the little park that was created last year. A sure sign of spring. I took this with a 300mm, but I have the lens’ F-Stop full open. I should have done F22 to leave the focus plane open. Nonetheless, I am sure you get the idea.

The day was not to dusty, but you dare not drive too fast to create any. When we walked the trail along HWY#16 through town, the air was good there. Suz., got her ten thousand steeps in, and me, still recovering from a cold, I was doing not to bad either.

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