Spring is Here!

Made it! It was a long winter, though there are lots of signs that winter still lives–it is to early to hang up the winter boots yet–but there is hope–spring has sprung. The last week had been awesome, leading me to believe that spring was really on its way. We seem to be out of the days with below freezing temperatures, though the nights are still chilly, but I can live with it. But officially–it is the Vernal Equinox today, or “spring,” as the fine folks say in these parts. And as per usual, I took a walk, and brought my camera with me, hoping to find that perfect spring shot. So here it is.

So why a photo of a pine tree? Simple, that is the most common tree here in Thornhill, BC. I am surrounded by them. So, this made the perfect first day of spring image for me. This is the one that caught my eye out of all the others. I think it is the rich greens and blue sky background that makes it a great shot. And I should point out, I did nothing to this photograph. This is straight out of the camera. Also, the afternoon shaped up to be warm and sunny, my house thermometer says 12C outside.

So, Happy First Day of Spring everyone!

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