Hiking Ferry Island North

The objective was to capture a shot of the Old Bridge from Ferry Island becuase of unusually low water levels this time of year. Not only was this hike successful, but there were a few pleasant finds along the way worthy of photographing. You saw the previous post of the rocks that Suzette found, but there was this rock stack that someone built that looked really nice, and some very large boulders that we thought were part of the bedrock, but were not. Lets go hiking!

The one thing that strikes me about the Skeena River are the colours of the rocks. You have blue/purple, reds, greens, oranges, and of course the black/grey and whites ones, but the array of colours is amazing when I compare this to other rivers I have been to in British Columbia. In the above photo, you can see some of the various colours in the rocks on the riverbed. I did do some research on the rocks here, but I am not going to go into detail of listing the main minerals–just enjoy the pretty rocks.

A great shot of the Old Skeena Bridge, and the stacked rocks. I wish we had more sunlight, but this is after all, spring in the North Coast of British Colombia, clouds here are fat of life. And for the record, I have no idea who build the stack of rocks, or I would give credit to them. The stack is only about 50cm high, so not a very big monument, but with the bridge in the background, a very nice photograph.

So here is the shot that I wanted. We are standing on Ferry Island, the Northern most tip of it. With very low water levels, we could almost get to the bridge itself. At one point, I thought, we could walk from Ferry Island to the Terrace side of the river, but there was flowing water moving through there, albeit the river was only about nine metres wide at that spot. This is a once a year shot to get this close to the bridge at this angle. Even in boat, this spot would be difficult becuase of the current flowing through here. It looks like I am on the ice, but I am standing on the sandbar–really.

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