Day of the Swans

Who knew a trip to the lake today would land me a few dozen shots of the great Swans that call the Kitimat Valley their home. As Suzette suggested a drive out to the lake, her intuition of going out to the lake on a nice day paid off with more than just some landscape shots on my camera, but included a couple of families worth of Trumpeter Swans too. A total surprise, there were the swans, swimming gleefully, very close to shore. Sadly, there were other humans walking along the shore, so it was only a matter of time, as we walked closer, they would fly away. 

No doubt, these are swans. Now I wished I had a 1000mm lens, as these were shot with a 300mm, not quite close enough for this lens. It would have been nice to closer shots, but there were just to many people also walking along the shore. I was the only one with the telephoto lens camera, so the others had to get really close with their phone’s cameras to get the shot, and that was what scared off the birds.

They sure are mighty birds. No idea at how big they are, but I wager their wingspan could be about two metres, or more. It took them less than five seconds to get into the air, and they were just as awesome to look at in the air as they were on the water swimming around.

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