Pieces of Bornite

Today I am going to talk about Bornite, and not just the mineral, but the Mountain, and the Bornite Range too. But first I bought some small chunks from a booth at last weekend’s Terrace Wellness Expo at the Terrace Sportsplex arena, called “For the Love of Rocks.” A catchy name for a rock proprietor, I must say so myself. I guess I am a sucker for things shinny, like quarts and Bornite. Anyway, on with the story.

But while I was digging around on the Internet searching as to what Bornite is, and where to find it, I was amazed that just a hope-skip-and-a-jump from where I live, there is the mountain called Bornite Mountain, which is part of the Bornite Range, just less than eight clicks (Metric) North from me. It remains to be said if there are deposits of Bornite in it or not, as no one definitively said yes, or no to that question. I am going to assume that where you find Copper Ore, so too Bornite be lurking in with the rocks. From my research, Bornite is from Copper Ore, so it could be quite possible that there is indeed Bornite in these hills. Perhaps a hike is in in order?

I bought these from a lady at one of the booths at the Wellness Expo last weekend. Her business is located at a place outside of Smithers, BC, called Telkwa, BC. She does not have a store, yet, but runs from with in her home. The company’s names is “For the Love of Rocks,” and with some on-line sleuthing, I am sure she can be located with her rocks. I bought these from her for a few dollars, so I thought to myself this is a good price. There were not many left, so I grabbed the three common colours she had left, Purple, Green and Gold one each. Anyway, they look sparkly neat with their colourful shine.

Sorry – all I could find of her, is her FaceBook Page. I guess she has no proper Website yet.

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