Car Wash Rock

There it was, with water dripping from the rocks onto the road, the famous Car Wash Rock on Highway 16, on the Terrace to Prince Rupert, BC stretch, not to far from the rail tunnel we were just at. It was just water running down from it, not ice, so we only experienced just a sprinkle on the windshield. You could say, we have the car washed, for free, at Car Wash Rock. There were crows too, drinking the water on the road, that was dripping down–that was weird. Thankfully it was to warm for any ice to fall on us–I have heard the stories–but nothing the wipers could not handle. 

This was a “drive by shooting” as it would have been hard to pull over and get out to get this shot. You can see the reflection of Suz.’s green frog (on the dashboard) from the off the windshield–lower left. The traffic speeds through here quite fast, so you do not want to be on the road, with a camera, while on coming traffic are watching the water from the rocks too, and navigating around the conner at the same time. Being hit is a good possibility if you stop and photograph this from the road.

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