The Forest of Moss: On Ferry Island

These look like “sprouts” when I first seen the image in my photo editor. I was quite happy with these images, and I think I took about ten shots of this clump of moss on a tree stump just off the road that goes North to South, on Ferry Island. Ferry Island in on the Skeena River, just East of Terrace, BC; a great place for a small hikes. The moss was a brilliant green colour, rather fresh, obviously this spring’s growth, and quite thick, which is why I stopped to photograph it.

I used my Sony 30mm Macro lens, and took these shots at about one to two centimeters away. This is why I love this lens so much, its min. focal length is around five millimeters–very close. With all of sun light, this was the perfect time of day to do shots like this. I think my shutter speed was one thousandth of a second, with my aperture set at f2.8.

You see why I like this tiny cheap lens so much! Shots like this are awesome, and I think the lens was about $100.00. Next to my 114mm lens, this is the only other prime lens I own now. The world looks so different when you are this small.

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