The Rock Face On the Skeena

We were walking along the banks of the Skeena River (near Terrace, BC) when we came upon this rock, a funny looking rock that when you first look at it, has a “potato head” looking head, according to Suz. I saw the funny face too, but it kind of reminded me of an over sized “bubble head” face, like what you see on a political cartoon. Me and Suz., thought it warrant a photo. So I thought I would post it here, and ask you, what do you see? Do you see a funny face, or just an oddly shaped purple rock?

It was Suz., who first seen it. It made her laugh, and I came over to see what she was laughing at, she pointed to this. It made me chuckle too. If it had a pipe sticking out one side, I would say this looks like Popeye (the guy who loves his spinach, and his wife Olive Oyl). The other weird thing, it is purple. Yes, we have purple rocks here on the North Coast of British Columbia. Now how cool is that!

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