Catching Up From Last Week – Pelicans In Northern British Columbia

Since this is the last day of April 2018, I though I would get this out of the way before too much time passes. During the first leg of our vacation last week, we drove through a town called Vanderhoof, as we made our way along Highway 16 heading to Prince George, BC. We stopped off at a park, of what I am assuming was a small wet land area, not to far off from the down town core. There were lots of people, and beside the park was a small lake, (or river) with a bird lookout near the shore. We went up it, and I took some shots of the birds, and you are not going to believe what I found on the other side of the lake!

In this shot (above) you can see water, snow and winter brush, but also, you can see some big white birds with really long beaks. And if you really look closer (I know, small image) you can see a knob at the end of their bills. Yes indeed, these appear to be American White Pelicans sunning themselves on that patch of mud bank in the spring sun. Yes, you heard me correctly, “pelicans.” I could not believe my eyes, or in this case, my camera’s 300mm telephoto lens.

Once we got back, we consulted Suz’s parents, who have birds books, and are somewhat “birders” in their own right. We saw that it is very possible that these could be, in fact, pelicans, this far North. I also checked on line, searching on Wikipedia, and found that these birds in the shot, look very similar to what the photos of American White Pelicans look like. And their habitat range does make Vanderhoof a viable place for these birds to live. I guess I am used to seeing these birds in the far South of the United States, not up here in snow covered Canada, let alone Northern British Columbia.

I snapped about thirty shots, and this was one of the good ones that showed the knob on their beaks. Hey, a photo is worth a thousand words, and is proof of what I saw, right?

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