The Air Plant’s New Home

I thought this worthy of its own post, since I am happy out how well it turned out. I bought a glass globe plant holder for my air plant. I shopped around in a few places, but found one at a very reasonable price, nice and cheap, so I am very happy with it. The amazing fact is that the air plant is still alive, and living quite well–I have not killed it. I guess I do have a green thumb!

I picked up the glass globe planter over the weekend, and searched for string to hang it with, which took all of Monday. My stash of string was buried in one of twenty boxed stored in my bedroom, so it took a couple of days before I hung it. Back on our trip at Prince George, BC, I saw these very same planters, but were in the twenty-five to thirty dollars cost, so I held off until later buying those. Well, that paid off when I went into a local store in Terrace, BC, and found one that was under half that price. I scooped it up, and took it home. It is well over the size for the plant, but I wanted as much room as I could find, you know, to make sure the was happy as could be.

I have had the air plant for about five months now. I was worried about having plants in my living room, which faces North, and not having enough light for growing in. I am glad to say, the air plant seems to be good with that. The plant is continually sprouting new leaves, and does not appear to be wilting away to its death. I would say, the plant is flourishing with vibrant life! I always wanted an air plant, thinking that these plants were just a myth, but now that I have one, I am impressed–it needs no soil or dirt–just air and water. My kind of plant.

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