The Gruchy Beach Hike

On whim and a wish, we headed out to Lakelse Lake for a walk no the beach. It was a nice spring evening, with the Sun now setting a lot later in the day, we figured that a good walk through the Lakelse Lake Park along the Gruchy Beach Trail would be in order. With a partly cloudy sky, and warm evening air, the hike did not disappoint. Between getting some good old exercise, and fresh air in our lungs, I got some awesome photos with my Sony A77 Camera that I dragged along. 

For the last couple of days now, I have been using just my 30mm Macro Lens. The main reason, it is a Macro lens, and a very good one at that. Normally I do not spend so much time with my prime lenses, but on day like this, I try and use it often. This lens, a Sony Alpha DT 2.8/30 MACRO SAM Lens is cheap, but it has a minimum focal distance of only 5mm, and for what I do with it, is one of my favourite lenses! So when I crank the F-Stop down to 30, the focal rang is phenomenal. In the above shot of Gruchy Beach, I was shooting at F22, at ISO 6400.

The Gruchy Beach trail is just under a kilometre long, and can be hiked in under ten to twenty minutes. It follows the Williams Creek that flows into the lake from the North end, from the Highway, and has a place to park your vehicle from just off the road.

When walking through forest, you are seeing some (a few trees) of the original Old Growth trees in the area that have not seen any type of logging. I just love this time of the year. Spring is so vibrant in the forest,  and seeing green after a long winter, well, it makes it all so worth while to be walking about under the tree canopy new budding leaves. Sigh.

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