The Glitter of My Small Crystal and Mineral Collection

While the spring season rages on outside, inside, my humble abode, is my small rock and crystal collection that sits atop my PC tower, just to my left. I stare at it daily, every time I read emails, search the web, or just play with my 3D software, there they are reflecting light in their strange iridescent way. With my small collection growing, either from buying them or collecting them from hikes, I realize that outside, in my backyard, are untapped places where new deposits are just waiting to be discovered. The trick is, I have to find them.

I realize now that the river is the last place to find good quality crystals, and it makes sense. Our river walks do yield the odd rocks that you cannot put down becuase of their unique qualities, but in general, finding nice crystals is fruitless on the riverbed–to date. However, way up on the mountain tops I have seen wonderful deposits of quarts, but I find my time is short on these day hikes to thoroughly check them out.

I do lots of reading and research. I have my places picked out that I want to hike to from doing some basic research, but I find most of my best information comes from the people I talk to. Reading the books seems fine and dandy, but everyone else reads them too, and I find those places are picked over good and are monitored by some level of private/government agency. But talking to some hikers, they walk off the beaten paths, and that is where the I want to go, becuase that is where the good stuff is. Yes, one day I will have a Skeena Valley quarts crystal, of some sort, worthy to sit in my collection.

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