Getting Warmer!

I just had to type this and tell the world. It is breezy now that I have the windows opened to let in the air. In fact, this is the first time that it is warmer outside than it is inside after I got home from work. This has never happened before this year, and I hope to have more spring days like that ahead. Even when I went to work this morning, I took my camera to photograph the landscape around Terrace, BC, just becuase today, like the weekend, is almost like summer. This far North, and I am liking this!

This morning there were high clouds, but that did not deter the Sun from pouring over the mountains once my side of the Earth faced it. It got warm fast, as the sunlight blasted its way onto the parking lot, and I wanted to open the doors to let it in, but it was against company policy to do that, so I watch all from the window. The above image was taken around 6:30am this morning–nice eh?

This is what the temperature was when I got home. I have turned off the heat, and closed all the windows before I left for work, but it was still 20C inside. I laughed when I noticed that it was a raging 23C outside, and it felt cooler inside. I thought, “so this is the turning point here in Thornhill (sic British Columbia)… for great weather.” I hope to have more days like this. Reminds of the Lower Mainland, but with much prettier mountains.

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