That Small Town Feel

I am getting towards my first full year here, back living on the North Coast, where I grew up, but then moved back after nearly thirty years of big city living. Hard to believe that this June will mark my first full year in my new home. I guess you could say the homey moon period is over, but then again, is it? I like to weigh the pros and cons of my achievements, along with what is still on my List of Goals. It really depends on how deep you want to dig, or just scratch the surface of this last year, but today I am feeling kind of lazy, so just a little scratching will be done.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of moving up here has been my change of employment. On one hand I thought that I would leave the world of warehousing and supply management for good when I left the Lower mainland; boy was I wrong. On the other, I had no foresight into what I was getting myself into. instead, as luck would have it, I joined a company that was literally looking for people right next door from my old neighbourhood back in Fort Langley, BC. As the story goes, the position was left vacant for a few weeks, and replacement staff were sent up here to Terrace to fill in from Vancouver, BC. They searched the local community, but were having little success, then moved the search down to the Lower Mainland where a larger pool of qualified hopefuls could be found. The employment ad was still running in Terrace, so I threw in my name. “The rest is history,” as they say. So just three weeks into my stay in Terrace, I found the job that I can retire with. Not bad, eh?

Driving a newer vehicle has to be another one, a close second on list of achievements. Within just four months after moving up here, my beloved ’95 Nisan Pathfinder was rendered useless after a series of mechanical breakdowns that left me to permanently ground it to the driveway. I left it, thinking that I would try and fix it, but so many issues were popping up, scrapping it was probably my only course of action left. The awesome Suz., made the suggestion of selling it on Facebook as parts, and it sold within days after posting it. I went to my local financial institution, and was able to secure a loan for a small car with them. The little car performed beyond all my expectations going into the North Coast winter. The newer car is nice to drive, and is by far more reliable to drive–and cheaper on fuel. 

The number one achievement since moving up here has been, and still is, the lovely Suz. After all, that is why I moved here in the first place. It was one thing to have that long distant relationship, but it is quiet another to actually spend with her, together, in the same town. It is awesome to physically spend time with her, instead of doing virtually. But on top of being with her, the need to get out of the Lower Mainland served to be my medicine for keeping my sanity intact. You can throw saving money too with that, as living here on the North Coast is far cheaper than Metro Vancouver was. But by far, being here with Suz., equals, priceless. The time it took me to decide, trading Vancouver, to be here, with her, was less than a heartbeat, and that was only amplified by the sounds of train horns blasting in the background. Actually, I knew I needed to move long before, and was looking at Terrace, but meeting Suz., again solidified my need to move back to Terrace.

So this June 21, the First Day of Summer, will mark my first year of being here. I thought that would be a symbolic gesture of timing my move on that day, last year, and an easy date to remember it by.  What better way to mark the move with, then knowing that three months of summer lay ahead, right? Anyway, my first year here in Terrace, BC has been an awesome one. I look forward to many more years here. 

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