Cell Tower On Keith Avenue

As of today, the Cell Tower is now physically built on Keith Avenue in Terrace, BC. The last major piece was lifted on top around 3:00pm today, while the base and metal pieces took almost a couple months to build, up until today. Sure, there are wires, and fiber optics cables, still left to be attached, and the power supply to be hooked up too, but that will only take a few more days, but for the most part, the big pieces are complete. You can drive by and see it for yourself, it is right across from the British Columbia Hydro Building, on Keith Avenue.

Sadly I did not have a pro camera, but my super old Kodak Camera actually did not to bad for good photos. The 23 to 300mm zoom lens worked good, and it was a partly cloudy day, so there was good light for some great shots.

Sometime time this week I will put an album together, so you all can see the series of shots I took over the last couple of months, from just a hole in the ground, to a finished looking cell tower. I might put up twenty shots, or so, for the album.

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