Swimming Pool to Flowers – Terrace Is Awesome This May 2018

For a day that started off gloomy, it sure turned the other way around in just a few hours. The sky cleared, and the Sun’s light bathed the valley floor, and covered the mountain peaks with brilliant yellow light; it was awesome. So to was the warmth the Sun gave off. The town of Terrace was awash with activity. Down below my vantage point from the Ice Rinks, the water park was turned on, and the screeching sounds of small children could heard as they played there. So far, the month of May 2018 has been an awesome one in terms of hot sunny filled days with little rain and no mosquitoes. I should point out there were very little mosquitoes biting us in the very warm air.

The healthy abundance of flowers is probably the best evidence of how great this spring has been up here on the North Coast of British Columbia. Everywhere the flower bushes are flourishing in the Skeena Valley. The air is also filled with the sweet smells of blooming flours, and their pollen. Like one of my co-workers said to me the other day, “that is the smell of sex in the air.”  He is right, there is no denying that.

The other big attraction up on the hill, at the arena, was the almost completed public swimming pool. It will be nice once that work is completed. I heard there was a large price tag for this, but I think it is money well spent. I believe people will use this more so than before.

In all, the day was rated up there, with most of the month of May 2018, as simply awesome. If there is anything that has an impact on human psychology, it is the weather, and I believe we are much happier than ever this year than from years with rainy trends in them. People around here are great, in terms of getting out and enjoying the day becuase of that.

Since this is a work day, I am tired, and I think Suz. is feeling it too. As I drove home, I watched the setting Sun, thinking how wonderful the sunset looks. This is a great ending of a great day, and I feel many more to come.

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