June means Summer is Almost here!

Yeah, June, it is here! We made it. We survived another long winter, and pushed through this wonderful spring season with teasing warm weather, and now we embark on the lazy days of summer in just three weeks. I have been told, at of late, that here in the Skeena Valley, June usually means rainy days; however, with Climate Change, the past patterns of weather may lead to obsolete thinking. So we may never predict what the upcoming seasons are going to be like from year to year. Needless to say, seeing what today looks like, I can not argue with that line of thinking on Climate Change, as the morning looked cloudy, then the sky opened up in the afternoon with sunlight beaming through.

The above image is a flower that fell on the side walk, in the evening Sun. Here is hoping for more sunny days to come, up here in the Pacific North West. Now to dig out my UV blocker sunglasses I stored from last year.


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