Under the Weather

It started back on Saturday, with just a little fever and stomach ache, and I did not think anything of it. By Sunday, it was turning into a full on stomach flu, but the fever went away, so I thought I could get through it without any problems. By Monday, it was still there, I went to work, but it was tough, as my stomach “pinged” with pain, and by that afternoon, the fever came back. When I got home, I just went to bed. Tuesday was pretty much a carbon copy, but the fever was gone. Today, I can say I am through the worst of it.

I was sort of relieved that I was not an isolated case, as a few other co-workers were experiencing the same thing as I was. For them, most took Monday off, and came in the next day for their work. I guess I am “sucker” for punishment. No, wait, it is the money. LOL

Right now, I am feeling a lot better, but I am staying put at home. I did work the last three days, so I never took any time off, which is great news for my pay cheque, money is a good things, right. So no loss in the pocketbook. I hope this is a last of it. This flu bug was nothing too major, but a huge inconvenience in my daily duties.

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