The 75th Anniversary and Grand Opening of the New Section of the Terrace-Kitimat Airport

We headed out to the airport today to catch the Grand Opening of the newly refurbished Northwest Regional Airport. Suz., wanted to go their becuase she worked there for a few years, and I too, having great memoires of the place from youth and as a passenger going in and out of the facility. The new section of the airport is quite impressive, with a brand new Departure area that holds a lot more people than is did before. And you cannot beat that brand new smell of new building.

So this was a dual event, both being the seventy-fifth anniversary of the airport from it’s beginnings as a World War Two air base during the Pacific Campaign, and as a civilian facility, with a newly expanded terminal to deal with the ever growing numbers choosing to fly in and out of the region. We were here mostly for seeing the new section of the airport terminal.

We just spent our time walking around the airport, not really taking part in some of the events, like luggage throwing, free fire truck ride, the bouncy castle, and so on. We just walked around, me taking photos, and Suz., trying to stay out of them as much as possible. When we got there, I estimated about 100 people were there, but we arrived a little late, so we probably missed the ribbon cutting, and the crowds that wanted to see that. It was a family event, as the kids seemed to love it too. Sadly, there was a huge line-up for the free fire truck ride.

The kermode Bear is the mascot and symbol of the City of Terrace, British Columbia, so it would make sense to have a stuffed version here at the airport. These are really black bears, just with white hear instead of black. They are also referred to as Spirit Bears around these parts. I am OK seeing a stuffed one up close like this, but not a real one out in the wild. 

The new section of the airport has that look of a larger metropolitan feel to it now, but above all, badly needed space and expanded areas to handle the flow of people going in and out now. And I should point out, the bathrooms are in a great location too, and are large enough to handle a plane load of guests. The is smart thinking!

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