Car Show in Terrace, BC at the Heritage Park

Another hot and sunny day, with the prospects of breaking heat records throughout the up coming week; and hey, why not head out to see a car show. And that is exactly what we did.  The show was up at the Heritage Park up on the Bench, from town. I guess there were about thirty classic and hot-rod type cars up in the show on display, and there was enough chrome you could probably see it from space. I was impressed at the verity of cars and trucks that there were. Everything from the vintage turn of the century types, to very modern, so there was lots to choose from to suit your fancy.

The Sun was pretty harsh for taking photos, so out of the 140 images I took, I have about fifty good ones that I would post. These five were just a sample of my short list, and I might throw another gallery of them soon on the website. The hard part was trying to wait for people to get out of the way so I could get a good shot of the cars, so patients was the name of the game. I only used my 30mm Macro lens, so I would not scare to many people with my camera. But still, it did not matter with the crowd, as I got a lot people any way.

Did I mention there was lots of chrome? This was when I discovered that I needed to be out of the Sun’s light to capture good shots of really shiny objects. The gleam look great in some shots, or if that is what you are shooting for, but it became a bother depending where I was standing. People here like their chrome on their cars!

Like I said, there were some really cool looking vintage cars to see here. The owners sat close by, watching people admire their works of art and hard work, and of course, everyone knows everyone here, with the few exceptions, so you could here old friends talking shop talk about their cars next to each other.

Obviously some the cars here were street legal, and a lot of them were heavily modified for street racing, so they drove themselves here. I could not tell which ones were one hundred per-cent classics, or not, but it did not matter.

Anyway, it time to go, as we only stayed for about forty-five minutes. It was only about 1:00pm when we left meaning that there was still lots of day left. I thing our next stop after this was some ice cream over at The Chill, along the highway in down town Terrace. I think I git a wee-bit of a tan too.

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