National Aboriginal Day in Terrace BC

Today was the celebration of the 2018 National Aboriginal Day here in Terrace, BC, and the event we went to was sponsored by the Kermode Friendship Society held in the George Little Park down town. There were a good number of people out enjoying the start of the summer season, listing to the live music, and the many vendors and food trucks there. It was hard to pin a number, but I would say there were a few hundred people there when we were. And with the weather, even the water park was getting a good turnout. For National Aboriginal Day, the start is on the summer Solstice, or June 21, but becuase that was on a Thursday, today was the first Saturday of this summer, so everyone can get out and enjoy the fun.

Even lots of bubbles, as I got chased by a bunch of them. Actually, I was shooting this set of bubbles, when I felt a splash on my neck, and when I looked around to see what it was, another bubble popped on my forehead. Next thing I knew, there were fifty bubbles headed for me–time to leave. It was all fun! I got lots of bubble shots too, I might post some later on Twitter or here on the Blog in the photo gallery.

The festivities were sponsored by the Kermode Friendship Society, so a shout-out to them for putting this altogether. They did a great job. Lots of people turned out for this, along with a good number of vendors. A great family event.

Sadly we never stayed that long, perhaps about an hour, but the events lasted most of the day. From what we saw on stage, the music was great, and we saw some dancing too. I think the kids were having a blast along with most of the adults.

The weather was very good too. As Suz., put, “it’s like Goldylock’s weather,” …. not to hot, not to cold, but just right. The breeze was nice as well, keeping the pesky mosquitoes away from us and not biting.

Next year, I will put this on my calendar as a must go-to event.

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