The Upgrades on Greig Avenue

It is so nice to finally see work being done to Greig Avenue, in the down town area of Terrace, British Columbia. The way the road was before was pretty bad. There were pot-holes and cracks everywhere on the road, and it looked like it had not seen any maintenance in years. Work started on it a few days ago, and appears that they still may have several more days to go before we get pass through it with our vehicles on brand new pavement.

Speaking about car accidents (from my last post), Terrace has seen quite a bit of motor vehicle accidents over the last three days. Yesterday, while I was on my to the barber shop for a much needed hair cut, over one block from where I was, a car was hit by another, and caused it to flip over on its roof at Lakesle and Kalum Street. That one will be in next week’s paper. There were a few others around town too. Must be the hot weather?

Anyway, Greig Avenue will be awesome once the construction is finished, and we can drive on it once again. I think that it will pick up business in the area once finished becuase drivers will prefer to use it now as a route through town. I know some new buildings are scheduled to be built in the next while on the old Co-op site, so they will be happy with the improvements to the roads. It will be nice once again.

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