The Weekend Rapped Up, Including a Stop at the Aiyansh Hot Springs.

Since the accident, things have been going all right, with some slight headaches and disorientation that Suzette has, for the most part, we are good. Her vehicle is back on the road, and the ICBC insurance seems to be going good, and the parts are on order. So, we did some more driving around, even going up to the Nass Valley on our Sunday trip. So, we kept busy.

As you enter the Nass, you have to go through Rosswood, just passed Kitsumkalum Lake, and then onto Lava Lake, along the highway. We stopped off at Lava Lake, at the park when you first meet the Lava Beds, on the North end of the lake. It is about an hour’s drive from Terrace, BC. I found this rose flower, the only one in bloom along the rose bushes in the park.

I wanted to check out the hot spring in the Nass Valley, so off we went.

OK, these are local names, which I believe are spelled “Higu Isgwit,” but I could be wrong. I have always called them the “Aiyansh Hot Springs.” Anyway, you cannot miss it, the signs are obvious, and the park lot is awesome, you could fit eight to twelve cars there. There is a half kilometre hike to the hot springs. There is a small creek that you follow, and the path is somewhat maintained with board walks and little bridges. Once you get there you can smell the sulphur, no doubt volcanic.

The water is hot. I touched one of the pipes that run from the hill side, and it is enough to make me cautious touching it. You mixed the water with the creek water to get that right temperature. There is a main pool, the old one that sits in the ground, and two newer hot tub style pools that seem very new and are on raised platforms. There were people in the bigger of the two, so I never took photos of it. The above photo is the smallest of them.

We did not go in for a dip. Between not bringing a bathing suite and the swarms of mosquitoes, we stayed dry. However, the people in the pools did not seem to be getting bitten by them. We were only there for a few minutes, but in that time another family arrived, so we left them be. This is a popular place.

Another great day trip!


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