Oh Yeah! Is that a Cool-Aid Guy?

I just had to share this. As I was photographing the last leg of our Tastes of Terrace tour, when this guy pops up from behind the back of the alley from the shop where I was standing, wearing this (see image). Actually, I heard him first. He was bagging me to take his photo. I thought, why not–it is funny, and something you do not see everyday.

He kept saying, “There’s a man with a camera, oh yeah…. Man with a camera…, take my picture, take my picture, oh yeah, take my picture.” As he held up a sign that says “Oh Yeah.” Then ran off down the street shouting, “Oh Yeah,” over and over again.

It is not very often I get a stranger who is just eager to have me take their photo right on the street. Of course this is all publicity and advertising, but still–nonetheless, I could not miss the opportunity. 

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