Tasting Terrace: The Adventure

Today is a wonderful 29C, with not a cloud in the sky. This is the definition of what summer aught to be in my books. However, today is the “Tastes of Terrace,” sponsored by the Skeena Diversity Society: Your Community Connection. A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to buy some tickets, which is a map of all the restaurants that are participating in the event. From 2pm to 4:30pm, you have to navigate through the streets of Terrace, BC, and stop at each location between these time. As you enter each restaurant, you need to present your map, as proof you are in the event. Once the map is checked off and authenticated, you can start tasting the savoury selection that each restaurant has to offer. Each map was $15.00, and that covers all your costs at each location for tasting the delicious morsels of treats. So this is my first time, let’s go…

Above, is our map used as both the ticket into the Tastes of Terrace tour, and help us find our way. Special note, all of these locations are just four blocks apart, so you really do not need your car. However, since it was hitting a nice 29C, having the air conditioner in the car was nice too. But we did do most of it on foot.

Since there were large groups of participants, our strategy was to not do these stops in any particular order. We did hit two locations were there was standing room only, so if we saw that the restaurant was full, we moved on, then came back to it later. It seems to have worked for us. Therefore, the list below is the order that we arrived to each establishment.

Our first stop, Big Norm’s Bistro (122-4720 Lazelle Ave.). Now I have to admit, this was first time here, so the whole experience was for the first time. This looks like a great place to do lunch and dinner. Their menus are on the wall, which I like, and you can see their selection all at once. It was a good experience.

The second stop, Tandoori Kebabs (4554 Kalum St.), and again my first time. The restaurant is quite large, and has a really great atmosphere. This would be the place to go out for dinner, in my opinion. I like the our door area too.

Our third stop, right across the street, The Best Western Inn, a.k.a. Beasleys, Lounge and Grill (4553 Greig Ave.). Again my first time in, so it was a great experience seeing this for the first time. This is a licensed establishment, but it is family friendly too, and they stress that children are welcome. I like the layout, and the windowed area has a great view.

The Nin Ja (4505 Lakelse Ave.), was our fourth stop, and a place that I have been in a few times. Right on the main street of Terrace, BC, this is the place to get your Japanese food fix. The restaurant has a great theme to it, and the food is awesome. Suzette says this was her favourite.

Our fifth and sixth stops were right at the Block Party on Lazelle Avenue. First was Chaga Muga Super Food Teas (4621 Lazelle Ave.), which sell teas and beverages mostly made from the Chaga mushrooms . They are vendors, so I could not find out if they have a store, or some other location. The teas are good, and they proclaim them as “super foods.” And right beside the Chaga Muga stand, the sponsors, Skeena Diversity, which do have a location you can go to, 4617 Lazelle Avenue, in Terrace. I believe, every Friday they have a food cultural day where you can go in and try foods from around the world, made by volunteers.

And our last stop, the Terrace Speciality Food and Gifts store (4621 Lazelle Ave.). This is were you go to buy those hard to get foods and ingredients, if you are into cooking exotic dishes at home. So it is not a restaurant, but a great place to check out for speciality foods. When we stopped in, I purchased a really neat tea kettle (with warmer) that was completely made of clear glass, for 40 per cent off cost.

We had a great day, and with awesome weather, and it was a great time exploring the unique places of Terrace, with some nice surprises mixed in too. I would very much want to do this again next year.

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