To Usk, or Bust.

It was Sunday, we decided to a drive to end the weekend off, as it was a hot day. Why not drive out to Usk! The sky was clear, and the air melting with the mid summer’s heat, a drive through the narrow part of the Skeena valley was a good way to cool off. We stopped off at the Usk Ferry, though we never went across, as it seems the sailing waits were long between sailings, we stayed on the highway side of town.

Down town Usk is not a very big place. I would gather its population is somewhere around less than one hundred, maybe two hundred, though that would be stretching it. Anyway, they have their own Ferry, to cross the Skeena River with, and during the winter when the river is frozen over, they have the cable-car. Either way, unless you are going by rail, it is a hard town to get in and out of. It is a twenty minute drive from Terrace, so it is close by in terms of a Sunday drive. I know a couple who live here (on the other side of the river in Usk), and work in Terrace, and they say the commute is not bad–though I would not want to do it. It is a quiet little village, with its own unique charm. One day we will cross on the Ferry, and cruse its streets.

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