Tails of the Tadpoles

It was the spur of the moment decision to drive out to Onion Lake. We had dinner out in town, and we were feeling like had to move around a bit after the meal, so a short drive towards Kitimat was in order. The day was warm, a blustery 30 out, with just haze in the sky, blocking enough of the Sun to hold back that heat. Onion Lake was destination, as we were hoping that it would cooler there than in town. I had no shorts on, so I kind of envied Suzette as she looked cool as a cucumber in her summer dress, and she looked awesome in it too.

When we got to Onion Lake, we were a little shocked to see these little critters happily swimming around in the lake. In fact, we were more impressed at how many there were over all. Large black masses of them, huddle in little islands along the shore. And these groups seem to be as far around the lake as I could see.

Suzette was the least “weirded out” be these guys swimming in the lake. In fact, she seemed to fascinated with the tadpoles, even though they are slimy black, weird shaped, creatures. She told me “these guy are the good guys becuase they eat the flies.” Looking at it the that respect, yes, I have to agree.

Then after seeing this, we should see very little flies for next year.

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