In the Heat of Saturday Night

The heat continued into the night, as the temperature kept its relentless assault on us, and the night teasing us with a light breeze once in a while, me and Suzette decided to go on a drive up to the (Terrace and Kitimat, BC) airport flats where it might be a little cooler. I thought it would be a good opportunity to take the camera along and do some long exposure photography. With the night air still at 29C, and the haze obscuring the Moon’s features, I saw huge limitation for shooting the night sky with my camera. The haze is from forest fire smoke, and the heat mixing the air, with the naked eye the sky looked washed out, but I would try anyway for some sky shots.

Using my telephoto lens and a few tricks with the post processing software, I managed to get this shot of the Moon. There was so much haze in the air for smoke, that I actually used a UV filter to aid with the atmosphere pollution and used a twenty second exposure at f11. To the necked eye, the Moon looked orange in colour, so played with the White Balance settings too.

While up at the airport, we and Suzette had some phone playing around the camera, or more correctly, playing with our shadow, using long exposure shots. It was fun, and we made some funny shots.

To end the night off, we headed back in to Terrace, where we drove up to Kalum Hill and Sparks Street, at the lookout. The above shot is Sparks Street, with a fifteen second exposure, showing all the street lights in amongst the haze.

It was still warm when we got home. You still feel the heat from off the roads and the breeze brought more warm air from along the valley. At 2:00am, it was still 25C in Thornhill, BC, were we live. Tomorrow will also be another hot day, so I am keeping the air conditioner out in the living room, ready. Pretty amazing stretch of weather!

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