Saturday Morning, Starting the Vacation.

It will be another hot one today. Already, at 10:00am, it is 23C here in Thornhill, BC, and my little compartment is heating up. I have the fan going in the bedroom, but the air outside is quickly warming–the air conditioner will be going on soon. Yes, dealing with the heat is on everyone’s mind as of late. Hot sweaty people are everywhere, trying everything they can do to keep cool. Hard to believe that when I escaped the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, BC) I though I had left the heat behind. Even this far North, the heat is climbing too.

So, here it is: Heavenly Hash ice cream with mix frozen berries. It is so good, and it keeps me cool (or the illusion of keeping me cool).

Added: 2:00 pm. Suzette just tried some. She gave it a rating of 4 out of 5, saying that it needs more chocolate chunks, be that she it somewhat of a chocoholic.

It is good! Try some!

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