On Top Of Terrace Mountain

This morning bright and early I got my butt out of bed, remember that I am on official vacation mode now, so it was tough mustering the Will power to get up. I planned my hike for today, doing the Terrace Mountain run. Actually, my goal was to get to the face (called Boldie) and shoot some photos from there, down over Thornhill, BC. A little side note, every morning, as I drive on the Old Bridge into Terrace on Skeena River Bridge, I see the flag, and the white Kermode Bear painted on the rock face, on Terrace Mountain. I needed to get up there and see it up close and personal. So off I went on my hike. It was an awesome day too.

The trail I chose, rather than just climbing straight up, was called the Back Eddy trail, used for both hiking and mountain biking. Even the nice cleared out trail, the grade was steep in a lot of places. This trail is good for those that do not mind a good workout, but this is not a Sunday walk in the park. I went along the Back Eddy trail for about three kilometres before I turned around. On my way back, when I knew I was in the right proximity of where I wanted to be, I turned right, and went up. So the actual time to go from the bottom where the highway is, to rock face I wanted, (Boldie) took about twenty mins. I believe I was about 300 Metres above the Skeena River.

The marker is about ten metres off the road at the bottom. The image below, is about one kilometre in. If you wonder off the trail, you hit steep cuts, and lots of loose rocks and trees. I would say it would be hard to get lost here, but easy to injure yourself if you are not careful while off the trail. Stay on the beaten path.

The terrain is steep in several places, and you are walking over loose boulders, trees and moss. However, once I got my bearings, I found a really easy network of switch-backs that got me down really fast, and with less effort than from my first route I took. If you are staying on the main trail, then you should be a happy hiker. Oh, and on a super hot day, like this day, bring water. By the time I got to the summit, it was already 28C out. I was also packing a camera back weighing roughly 2 kilogrammes.

Here is what the flag looks like from just below it. Someone, a couple of years ago, attached it to this tree. It looks cool–the city should mount a permanent, more appealing, flag pole here.

Oh the view. Yes, I snapped just over 250 photos during my time on the mountain. The stuff you can see is mind-blowing. With a good telephoto lens, you can get shots few have taken from here like this. I have never seen any shots done with a 300mm from here, on line?

Yes, I will return! This is an awesome hike; well worth the time. Though, I might do it on a cooler day, looking forward.

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