Sea of Yellow

Just after the River Boat Parade, me and Suz took off to her work so she could deal with one of the pilots who was looking for keys over at the helicopter hanger, so I took off into the field near by to shoot the yellow flowers.  Everywhere you look, in the Skeena Valley, you see these yellow flowers. They are everywhere. I am not to sure what they are called, but it is crazy how well they do in this hot dry season.

I wanted to get some shots of them. I thought it would look neat how the yellows and greens looks in contrast to one another. I only had time to shoot a few photos, but almost everyone of them turned out great. It was hard to choose what ones to post, so I went with these two.

I used my 28 to 300mm zoom lens for these shots. It only goes to F3.6 wide open, but the depth of field was good enough for my taste. Anyway, enjoy. It was a screaming hot afternoon, and still more summer left to go!

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