The Start of River Boat Days In Terrace, BC

It was a very busy day, as we started the first of three days of the River Boat Days celebrations here in Terrace, BC. The parade was our start for today. Then, off to the George Little Park for live music, then cruising around checking out the other events going on. Lastly, the fireworks along Ferry Island. It was a busy!

We were going to do the breakfast at the Happy Gang Centre, but is was over-flowing with people waiting in line for the yummy food, so we waited for a few minutes, but then decided that we were cutting close for time as the parade was going start soon, so we left to claim our spot on the road for it.  This year we chose the South-West corner of Kalum and Lakele Avenue. Because there were high clouds in the sky, we figured that we would sit out in the Sun. We had hats on, but the heat was not to bad. The Day reached 28/30C, with some slight breezes, but it was a good day. The parade was a little different from last year, which was a great change-up, as it would be boring to see the same parade over, and over again. The theme for the parade this year was “diversity,” which seem to hinge on multiculturalism, and ethnicity. So, the parade offered a rich array of cultures and backgrounds seen throughout the Skeena Valley. I should point out to that I shot over twelve hundred images, so there many to chose from, so I narrowed it down to about two hundred. This week I will post the photo album for all to see. 

After the parade, there were many places to go and see–more then we could do. We did a lot of driving around, but we had many pit-stops for getting drinks and ice-cream to cool us down with. But right after the parade, we checked out the Farmer’s Market, and then watched the Bands play their music in the George Little Park. We also did a bit of walking, looking a the tent-vendors and attractions along the way. 

To end the night off with, were the Fireworks along the Skeena River, on Ferry Island. It seemed shorter this year, but I think they just packed more fireworks in the ten minutes they lasted compared to last year. The launching area was closer to the Northern end of the island too, making for nice effects of the light reflecting from off the water. 

We choose a different sot too this year to sit and watch. Same side of the river, on the Thornhill side, but almost right across from the launching area of the fireworks. We were close, an awesome spot. Some of the blasts, I thought, seem like they would rain right down on us, that is how close we were to them. The sounds were extra loud from our spot too. The fireworks started at 11:00pm, and by the time we got home from waiting for the crowds to thin out, and drive away, it was midnight. 

It was an awesome day. With the super hot weather, and all the activities going on, you would think it was summer in California. Well, it sure feels like it!

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